My Toys



This collection of essays describes and identifies a second grader’s favorite toy by using pronouns, number of toys, color,  characteristics of an object such as someone’s favorite toy, or the toy category they have.

Many experiences can be demonstrated and learned when students play with their toys. They show and tell stories by describing their toys or simply sharing their toys with their friends to play with.

Are you curious about the toys students have? What are their toys like? Do they have good toys? All the author’s expressions, feelings, and experiences can be found in this book, so read it carefully!

The Writers:

Aisha, Aiman, Alesha, Athariz, Attar, Azzam, Erza, Faiz, Hassan, Adilla, Syifa, Maliqi, Mishary, Naura, Andra, Riri, Ryuu, Zhafran, Arjuna, Alaric , Aira, Lodra, Hazlan, Azizi, Keichan, Kekey, Makaila, Kevin, Dihya, Mikdam, Fatih, Rania, Rayyan, Sofia, Varen, Zian


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